Training should adapt to the athlete´s personality, which enables him/her to achieve the highest individual performance by developing the functional possibilities of the cyclist, ensuring a perfect mastery of rational techniques, developing his/her moral and wilful qualities, enabling him/her to gain practical and theoretical knowledge and influence the versatile development of his/her personality. Cycling training is characterized by extraordinary stress, high volume, and intensity, which only exceptionally disposed of individuals, can handle. The difficulty of training requires the athletes to adapt their living regime to training and competition conditions.

The innovation of this project lies in:

  1. identification of the newest trends in sports theory and practice;
  2. joint collaboration among experts from different countries and settings;
  3. co-production of innovative training content using digital technologies.

Project C-Trends is a European project, which involves six partners from different geographical areas, representing a very diverse mix between central and southwestern European and Mediterranean organisations active in the field of cycling. They have all joined the partnership to collaborate internationally to co-create different project outputs that will benefit them all. This European collaboration is based not only in the exchange of expertise, trends, best practices to get an insight into international cycling innovations but also in the production of digitalised outputs that will be used by their organisations to provide education and training to their members, targets of this project.

This collaborative partnership gathers six European partners: two cycling federations, a Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, one sports club, one centre for performance excellence in cycling and a leading research & development centre.