Cycling Trends in Education,

Training and Diagnosis


“Cycling Trends in Education, Training and Diagnosis is to design, develop and test attractive and interactive training materials on sports performance in different cycling disciplines specifically adapted to the current technical equipment, rules and trends. These materials will contain new, more updated procedures and methods and will constitute a starting point for improving training programs based on newest findings in sports theory and practice. The developed materials will contribute towards sustaining trainers in their skills development and support them in increasing their qualification as trainers/coaches and high-level athletes.”

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A MOOC will be created that will consist of 6 interactive learning modules, all relevant and mapped according to the content of the IO1 and IO2 deliverables. As part of the requirements for the MOOC completion, participants will be requested to integrate and evaluate IO2 products (3 course materials and 3 inclusive learning scenarios, respectively) into their university courses.

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